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Cubix bags the first prize in the Fintech Hackathon 2018

Kifayat by Cubix, a solution to manage ballot committees digitally and way more conveniently sounded spectacular to the jury.

After a long and intense period of 2 days of Hackathon, on Tuesday evening 20th February 2018, a jury comprised of top management from Bank Alfalah, TPS and Covalent including banking executives and Fintech experts selected CubixKifayat as the winner of Fintech Hackathon in Karachi. The theme was “Building interesting financial products atop the APIs provided by the Partners of the program” which may help in creating new customer experiences and revenue models by leveraging Pakistan’s digital payment ecosystem.

The hackathon was right after a day of Cubix celebrating its 10th Anniversary inviting the employees, partners and affiliates with their entire family. Many of the employees even from technical division were wrapping up the projects on tough deadline to share their milestone achievements in the event. Technical team hardly got time to breath in, entering the competition, yet Cubix with its legacy chose not to miss the opportunity and went ahead to showcase the talent. And it was an immense pleasure for the CTO of the company Ali Sohani to see that hard work did pay off beautifully when they not just managed to secure the position but coming out as top among all the competitors.

The Hackathon took place in Karachi at the Momentum 2018 and it was a treat to watch startups thriving to their maximum potential for funding and investments.

The participating teams were given access to multiple API’s of reputed organizations such as Bank Alfalah, TPS Worldwide and Access Group. They were tasked to innovate an idea that can solve a financial problem faced by majority of people and at the same time, proves to be beneficial for the banking industry.

Cubix Commerce responded with the CubixKifayat App, which simplifies the whole tedious procedure of managing a Ballot Committee. The app aims to manage ballot committee online while taking care of details like funds transfer and trust process involved in secure and distributed manner respectively. The app operates with connecting all of its users with a bank accounts or virtual online wallets that can be charged with EasyPaisa and JazzCash. Transfer of funds can be done via various digital payment mediums and all of the transactions will be transparent and secured. CubixKifayat aims to leverage banks and its users on a broader scale and with majority of Pakistanis using the old conventional method of managing ballot committee, this app can revolutionize

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