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For Establishing Council of Science and Technology National Assembly Passes Bill

Recently On Monday 21, November the National Assembly passed a bill for the establishment for Pakistan Council of Science and Technology. These bill then forwarded to the house by Zahid Hamid, minister of Law and Justice. He said that:

“This organization will provide a forum for coordination to science and technology with national and international agencies and identification of priority subjects with reference to their bearing on socio-economic development and national security. This organization is also involved in making policies, planning, implementation and carrying out policy studies.”

Pakistan Council of Science and Technology (PCST) act as independent forum of the country and it act as Think Tank for the Federal Government on policies and problems in respect of Science and Technology.

This Organization is working under the ministry of Science and Technology, Minister Act as president of council. The member of the council are head of this organization. They are also representative of four provinces. The chief scientist nominated by ministry of defense. President by federation of chambers of commerce. Other five leading scientist and technologists appointed by the Government. So total membership of the council is 27, including chairperson.

After the establishment of PCST it is hoped that science and technology is promoted more in the country.

If you recall the cybercrime bill which was approved in National Assembly few months ago. After its approval, many people criticize over it and claimed to be too vague and incomplete. After the implementation the outcome is positive. Every month culprits are arrested under cybercrime allegation. It is still much needed part of this law which the constitution lacked ever since internet usage increased in Pakistan.

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