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Huawei aims for revenue of $2 million in Pakistan


“Huawei aims for generating revenue of USD 100 million out of the handset business in the coming 5 years. As for Pakistan, it has a target of at least USD 2 million in the next 3 years.” Mr. Shawn, Huawei’s Managing Director for device section in Pakistan

In his view the Huawei is progressing efficiently in its smartphone area and with every new smartphone launch in the local market it gets new boon.

It’s been reported that the recent launch of Mate 8 has crossed 1 million sales in China that is no doubt much in line with the target of Mate 8’s producing 1 million units for the worldwide demand.

For Huawei Pakistan, 2015 proved to be the flourishing era. Though the Chinese handset had only the 7% market share in 2014, it has grown to cover 13% market share in the smart phone category.

According to Fraz Khan, the Head of Mobile Phone Marketing Division company is progressing very well in the price range of about USD 200 to USD 300.

“We received a warm response for the G610, Honor 4C and for now the P8 that is the mini version of Huawei P8.we are no doubt in a tough competition with Samsung yet we have won over them in different areas”

Faraz Khan

Samsung have a better market share for the smartphone categories and main reason behind this is its quality products and the huge range for choice that Samsung provides its users. Analysts are of the view that Samsung has focused the camera, battery and display. Moreover the leading industry icons like Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar has played well in this regard.

Moreover, Faraz commented that Huawei’s one model is competing with the 2 or 3 models of Samsung. Samsung took 10 years to earn the name yet Huawei has managed it in just two years and we aim to be at par with Samsung by the end of 2016”

To question about the other brands in Pakistan Farz responded saying “ We don’t consider the decling brands. Our main focus is the brands like Apple and Samsung”

Though, the trend in Pakistan is shifting towards Smartphones from the feature phones vigorously, the higher market share is still contributed by Apple and Samsung because the users here are keenly conscious about the brand and the quality. No matter Huawei is offering some real high quality features, consumers above USD 450 are still convinced to invest in the Samsung’s costly Galaxy or the Apple’s hallmark”

Faraz commented that

It always takes time for the higher end products to gain the customer value. Such as, back in early 2000, there were no roots of Samsung in any price category. In actual, the higher price market is a game on global scale. For efficacious selling in a price range you need to be globally successful. We don’t only focus to provide best quality product but also educating the users about them. Surely it will be time taking and we do have plans to make the dream come true.

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