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IBT and NTC Come Together To Develop First Public Cloud Data Centre In Karachi


Pakistan’s first public cloud data is soon going to be established by the collaboration of Inbox Business Technologies (IBT) and National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC). The two corporations recently signed a contract to begin the building of the first public Cloud Data Centre in Karachi.

This Data centre will provide infrastructure and IT services to organizations in Pakistan. It is going to act as IAAS, Infrastructure as a Service and XAAS, Everything as a Service.

Inbox Business Technologies is one of the biggest names in the IT sector of Pakistan serving nearly 70 cities of the country. It is going to provide IT services to NTC along with networking and support for advanced hybrid scenarios of the project. Other technology giants like Huawei and Vmware will also facilitate the project. Huawei has already made its contribution to the cloud computing needs of Pakistan by running an IT roadshow.

A data centre is a facility used to manage computer systems and related components, such as telecommunication systems. The cloud data centre will be a setup established with such components and services to cater the cloud computing needs of Pakistan.


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