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Intel procures Altera


Intel has declared that it is done with the acquisition of Altera Corporation. Altera is a leading company facilitating the field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. The acquisition is a gateway for supplementation of Intel’s leading-edge product portfolio, enabling a new variety of products in the IoT-Internet of Things market segments and high-growth data center.

“Altera is an aggregate of Intel, and we aim to bring the next generation of semiductors not only better but also be the capable of doing much more, together. We are going to apply the Moore’s Law to flourish the FPGA business, we intend to introduce new products making the exciting experiences like machine learning and autonomous driving possible”

Brian Krzanich – Intel CEO

Altera will be operated by the Altera veteran Dan McNamara as an Intel’s new business unit named as the Programmable Solutions Groups (PSG). Intel is dedicated to a smooth transition for the customers of Altera. Moreover it will provide the support and will continue the product development of several products of Altera. PSG will strengthen the FPGA as well as it will work to produce the next generation of integrated and highly customized products and solutions, with the Intel’s IoT Group and Data Center Group.

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