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Is Black Friday not a Cultural Blunder in Pakistan?


At the point when PepsiCo went into Chinese Market with the trademark “Pepsi breathes life into you back”, it neglected to understand that when expression deciphered into Chinese characters, it signified, “Pepsi brings your precursors again from the grave”.

Neglecting to examine on nearby and social subtleties results in social goofs; it can bring about brands a great deal of damage and years to recuperate. Adjusting a procedure of Glocalization, a routine of leading business as per both neighborhood and worldwide contemplations, can offer advertisers some assistance with convincing buyers that their item or administrations are not at all, society unclean.

Pizza Hut’s presentation of nearby seasoned pizza has been one of the finest cases of Glocalization in Food organizations. In extra to customary pizza garnishes; it joined Pakistani top picks, for example, chicken tikka, seekh kabab and so on.

Universally, occasion seasons acquire enormous shopping celebrations, for example, Black Friday; the day which informally or authoritatively flags the begin of the shopping season, particularly in the U.S. On the other hand, as of late, one of Pakistan’s most well known online retailer, Daraz.pk, reported the dispatch of Black Friday in Pakistan with a plan to make it the greatest offer of the year in the nation.

Presently, the dispatch of this occasion unravels an inquiry in the matter of whether Black Friday in Pakistan can be an instance of social screw up? In Muslim nations and particularly here in Pakistan, the shading Black is ordinarily thought to be an image of insidious, misfortune or grieving. While the day Friday holds an essential part in these nations and speaks to the day of “Endowments and love”.

That is the reason, in 2014 when Souq.com (the biggest e-trade site in the Arab World) imported Black Friday style arrangements to the district, they didn’t acquire the name and rather they custom-made it to “White Friday”. As indicated by them, Friday is a day of love, social occasion, loved ones; and all things considered, the e-tailer is calling the day “White Friday”, a day of flourishing, festival and delight.

Benefiting from contender’s conceivable blunder, Homeshopping reported White Friday Sales with the punch line saying “In light of the fact that in Pakistan Friday is never Black”. HSN group said “In the Muslim world Friday is the day of request to God, the day of social occasion, the family day, the day of happiness, which is the reason our Friday is white!”

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