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Lenovo aims to bring smartphones with new exciting feature in 2016


Lenovo owns a high name among the quality product companies such as PCs, laptops and smartphones. Though Lenovo doesn’t have much market share in Pakistan as it was officially launched in the mid of 2014 and therefore it shown much in the handset market until now.

Pakistani handset market’s response in 2015

Lenovo had just begun with the Pakistani market for the first time in 2015. Its main foci were to gain the customer value giving them the idea that Lenovo means business in Pakistan and to bring their distributers on the board.

Pakistan’s smartphone market is budding to a huge size mainly because of the 3G/4G technology playing its role and the transfer of feature phone users to the android users.

“I see growing only two types of trends in the local market, the first is the conversion phenomenon of feature phones to the Androids which costs up to PKR 10,000 and the second one is that early workers and small business owners now tend to spend PKR 15,000 to PKR 20,000 that is quite encouraging.”

Lenovo’s goals for 2016

Keeping in mind all this, Lenovo aims to focus on bringing a wide range of devices to capture the customer in all sectors ranging from the lower prices up to $500.

Procuring Motorola, Lenovo has a variety of products in portfolio and the latest Motorola products can be launched in Pakistan soon.

What’s different with Lenovo?

No doubt, now a day all the smartphones are quite similar but Lenovo believes in differentiation via innovation that is we seek to provide our customers with they want and they actually value. As P1mini features a 4000 mAh battery with fast charging. Similarly, selfie is a hot topic for the customers who want to share their experiences. Hence, we bring a dual selfie camera for such customers the Vibe S1 which allows customizing the selfies.

   So the goal is to bring exciting new features and technology at the price points to the market. in January we are going to bring the A7010 to Pakistan the best fingerprinting sensor product.

Under the range of Rs. 10,000 we offer A319 and A1000 that features 1GB memory and Android lollipop. We aspire to provide everything to everyone.

Importance of the Pakistani market for Lenovo and its goal for the market share

Pakistan is among the top 5 market lists for Lenovo out of 64 markets in the world supervised by the MEA Office of Lenovo.

We aim to be the brand at 3 rank in Pakistan with regard to the market share. At launch we set the goal to achieve the target in 3 years. We have time but we have much more to work on. Hence, we are eager to get the best budding marketing plans in 2016

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