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Misuse of Social Media Websites Is Destroying The Society


Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court (PHC), Mazhar Alam Miankhel states in of his recent judgments that social media websites significantly influences a society and the misuse of these social media sites nowadays has destroyed our society. The chief justice stated these comments while responding to an application filed by Shamim Akhtar Kiyani for the cancellation of non-bailable warrants against her.

On June 6, 2016, the PHC issued non-bailable arrest warrants against the woman Shamim Akhtar Kiyani. The women had uploaded some family pictures of the late Senator Azam Khan Hoti on Facebook claiming to be his wife.

Azam Khan Hoti and his wife Humaira Azam Hoti filed petitions against Shamim Akhtar in 2013. The petition stated that Shamim Akhtar Kiyani was bringing defame and disgrace to the Hoti family by uploading private pictures of the family. Furthermore, these images also received lewd comments from the people on Facebook. However, Shamim Akhtar did not appear before the court, and she violated the court’s rules.

According to Deputy Attorney General Kifayatullah Khan, representing FIA and PTA, an FIR was registered against the woman on 6th April 2016 under the new cyber crime laws. The cyber crime wing has also initiated an investigation regarding the case.

Uploading somebody else pictures on the social media without their permission can result in grave consequences. One should even take care while uploading his personal data and photos on the social media websites. Because nowadays, the data or the pictures are being misused by the hackers which are destroying the society.


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