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Mobilink reveals massive growth in financial terms


PTA recently published results of QoS Survey which included the 3G/4G performance of all mobile operators. According to the survey, Mobilink stood out with the best 3G download speeds followed by ZONG. The top scores of Mobilink came as no surprise because it bought a ten MHz 3G band in 3G spectrum auction compared to five MHz band by Telenor & Ufone from PTA earlier this year.

The launch of 3G/4G services in Pakistan has spurred the usage of knowledge services among local consumers. Users of high speed knowledge (3G/4G) now constitute 15% of total mobile subscribers in the country as of Sep 2015 compared to barely 9% six months ago. Launch of high-speed knowledge services has invigorated competition among mobile operators with every operator trying to attract maximum consumers by offering stunning knowledge packages & claiming best knowledge services quality.

Mobilink maintained market share in the market despite rising competition & managed to increase both knowledge utilization (MBOU) & revenue among users (ARPU) while reducing churn rate (% of users leaving a network). All of these factors contributed to positive performance of Mobilink in an increasingly competitive market.

In future, they expect Mobilink to financially outperform peers due to quickest growth in 3G/4G services, quality knowledge services, extensive network coverage, & quickly growing subscriber base.

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