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OSFP proudly organizing 5th Open Source Summit and 1st Open Source Awards on 8th March 2018

To spread the awareness of Open Source Tools and Technologies, Open Source Foundation Pakistan (OSFP) is organizing the 5th Open Source Summit 2018 and 1st Open Source Awards on 8th March 2018 at Bahria University Islamabad. The summit aims to bring together the Open Source community in Pakistan and to create industry academia linkages in Open Source. 500+ participants including technologists, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals are likely to attend this event.  For the first time in Pakistan, OSFP is initiating the Open Source Awards in the forthcoming summit.

A gathering of brilliant and Industry recognized speakers will exchange their wisdom and discuss the dynamics of various Open Source Technologies applications in Pakistan including:

  • Chairman OSFP / CEO OpenWare Business, Mr. Saleem Rafik
  • CEO Ignite, Mr. Yousaf Hussain
  • CEO Nayatel, Mr. Wahaj us Siraj
  • Vice Chairman OSFP, Brig. Dr. Ashraf Masood
  • Chairman Pasha / CEO Viztech, Mr. Barkan Saeed
  • CEO Being Guru / CEO Infomist, Mr Hisham Sarwar
  • Head of Marketing and Products in 2nd Quadrant, Mr. Umair Shahid
  • President Code For Pakistan / V.C R&D at LMKR, Mr Asim Ghaffar
  • Ex VC KUST / Founder 3K Education and Bluesonq Technologies
  • CEO PersonForce, Mr. Atif Mumtaz
  • CEO Turnaround Consulting, Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain

Executive Director HEC, Dr. Arshad Ali, will be the chief guest for this summit. Open Source Awards will be awarded to the top contributors in Open Source in Pakistan for the first time.

There would be 14 Tech Talks on various Open Source tools and technologies. Open Source experts will enlighten the audience with their knowledge and emerging trends in Open Source Technologies.

Be ready to join this enthusiastic event to share your visionary and innovative ideas.


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Morning Refreshment and Registrations

09:30 A.M – 10:00 A.M

Recitation from the Holy Quran

10:00 A.M – 10:05 A.M

Welcome Note By Dean Bahria University

10:05 A.M – 10:15 A.M


Key Notes:






Mr. Saleem Rafik

Co-Founder & Chairman OSFP, CEO OpenWare Business

5 Years of OSFP

10:15 A.M – 10:35 A.M

Mr. Yousaf Hussain

CEO Ignite

4th Industrial Wave & Role of Open Source Technologies for Prosperous Pakistan

10:35 A.M – 11:00 A.M

Mr. Wahaj us Siraj

CEO Nayatel

Running Commercial Organization using Open Source

11:00 A.M – 11:15 A.M

Mr. Brig. Dr. Ashraf Masood

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman OSFP

Open Source Technologies in Education and Block Chains

11:15 A.M – 11:30 A.M

Mr. Barkan Saeed

Chairman Pasha Group, CEO Viztech

Open Source A Game Changer

11:30 A.M – 11:45 A.M

Mr Hisham Sarwar

CEO, Being Guru

Open Source in Freelancing

11:45 A.M – 12:00 P.M

Mr. Atif Mumtaz

CEO Bluesynq Technologies, CEO PersonForce

Open Source Commercialization

12:00 P.M – 12:15 P.M

Mr. Babar Zahoor

Founder OSFP, CTO OpenWare Business

Building Products from Open Source Technologies / Edoo Opening

12:15 P.M – 12:25 P.M

Mr. Umair Shahid

Head of Marketing and Products in 2nd Quadrant

Open Source Licensing

12:25 P.M – 12:40 P.M

Mr Asim Ghaffar

President at Code For Pakistan / V.C R&D at LMKR

Open Data Platforms

12:40 P.M – 12:55 P.M

Dr Lutfullah Kakakhel

Ex VC KUST / Founder 3K Education

Open Source & Raspberry Pi

12:55 P.M – 01:10 P.M

Cheif Guest

Dr Arshad Ali

01:10 P.M – 01:30 P.M

OSS 2018 Awards

Distribution of Awards

01:30 P.M – 01:45 P.M




Lunch Break

01:45 P.M – 02:30 P.M


Tech Talks:  (2:30 P.M – 4:30 P.M)






Mr. Ameen Sharif

Information Security Professional ,

COO OpenWare Business

Information Security and Open Source

30 Min

Dr. Khalid Latif

Comsats Institute of Technology. Islamabad Campus

How Open Source help in deep learning Break through

30 Min

Mr. Abdullah Saqib

Country Manager viamo.io


Tackling Poverty, hunger, Climate change using Open Source Technologies

30 Min

Mr. Taimoor Yousaf

AM Big Data Telenor, Chapter Lead, Big Data & IOT OSFP

IOT and Open Source Technologies

30 Min

Mr. Salim Rafik

Mr. Babar Zahoor

Chairman OSFP & CEO OWB

Founder OSFP & CTO OWB

Edoo – Education Institute Digital Platform

30 Min

Mr. Ahsan Yameen

Mr. Shahid Altaf Qureshi

Ambassador Prestashop

President OSFP, CEO Cyberkings

Manage Prestashop

E-Commerce Store

30 Min

Mr. Umair Shahid

Head Of Marketing and Products in 2nd Quadrant

Big Data using Postgresql Database

30 Min

Mr. Hassan Shabir

Co-Founder OSFP

Open Source and Entrepreneurship

30 Min

Mr. Mashhood Khan

Technical Lead at Recurship and Google Developer Expert for Web and Angular

Future Of the Web

30 Min

Mr Najam us Siraj

Assistant Professor at Center For Advanced Studies in Engineering (C.A.S.E)

ETSI-NFV Implementation on OSM

30 Min

Mr Muhammad Iqbal

Senior Drupal Developer  at FIGOVER

Drupal CMS

30 Min

Mr Asim Hussain Shehryar

Ex-MD PSEB , CEO Turnaround Management Consultant

Turning Around Failing Tech Firms

30 Min

Mr Saad Hamid

Founder SkillsFirst / CEO DEMO

Open Source Skills in Freelancing

30 Min

Mr Qasim Mehmood

Network Engineer at FAST

PF Sense

30 Min

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