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Pakistan wins 9 silvers and 3 Gold Medals at international ICT Awards


Our country Pakistan won 3 golds, half a dozen 6 silvers medals at international ICT Awards on Monday at Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA). Participants from 17 countries were taking part in that international competition. The majority of participants were from Asia Pacific region.

The event that was held in the capital of Taiwan, a larger number of teams from Pakistan tool part into them.  The PASHA Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT revealed this news that the overall position of Pakistan was 4th in that competition. Not to forget that there were economic giant countries from around the globe were present who gave tough competition to Pakistan. Countries that participated were from Australia, Asia, Japan, Singapore , and  China. Of course, Taiwan was the host country as well.

The awards were presented to the Pakistani participants by the foreign judges. The judges deeply appreciated the performance of young Pakistani professionals and said admired the youthfulness of Pakistani team who showed high caliber of work in the technical sector.


The Pakistan Information technology companies made great initiatives to take part in this competition.  PASHA also revealed that the 16th annual ACITA awards were regarded as the   Oscars night for the Asia Pacific ICT sector. Simply because many as 28 groups from Pakistan took part in the competition against 236 from 17 companies throughout the Asia Pacific. 60 seasoned professionals were judging the event.

The newest team from the NUST university Islamabad was rated as the top team which won straight gold medals for their task in ‘Clinical Decision Support Program for Diagnosis of Movements  Disorders. The team that collaborated with CASE Institute Islamabad was also from NUST. The also collaborated with AFIO and Biomisa for their Research project ‘Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Graphic for CDSS’ and Wondertree.

Chatbot school project of Amin Farid won the Silver awards.  NUST also presented a project called Singer along with UBL Fund Managers because of their financial product imPro. The awards ceremony attracted applicants from countries like India, Brunei, Taipei, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore to name a few.

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