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PollyAndOtherStories has moved artisanal industry of South Asia on the internet


PollyAndOtherStories is another e-trade startup from Pakistan that offers hand-made one of a kind items on the web.

Begun by two companions, Amneh Shaikh Farooqui and Angela Michelle Braid, back in November of 2015, it is currently a little e-retailer of all sort of one of a kind high quality items. Working with a different group of imaginative artisans, originators, specialists and business visionaries crosswise over South Asia – skilled ladies from provincial ranges youthful business visionaries Polly and Other Stories guarantees that every one of the items have an immediate association with the general population making them.

“We could perceive how troublesome it was for nearby little organizations, even the most skilled, to get to standard markets or interface with purchasers, both inside of Pakistan and abroad,” said Amneh

“Subsequent to the greater part of the common plans of action rejected or minimized little or art makers, especially ladies and youngsters, we chose to make an online stage that would concentrate on the one of a kind offerings from Pakistan that even individuals inside of the nation cannot effectively get those.”

So they built up a sort of a gateway to give the neighborhood skilled workers and additionally youthful craftsmen an approach to showcase their items. Polly And Other Stories is fundamentally a curated e-store for handmade items, artisanal products and works of art made by artisans and fashioners from Pakistan, Afghanistan and in addition India. With around 35 singular organizations on-board (to be extended to 50 by first quarter of 2016), they offer a wide cluster of items including satchels, grasps, wallets/handbags, adornments, apparel, scarves for ladies, wallets and sacks for men, toys, shirts and caps for children, and different home ware things including quilts, pads, lights, photograph outlines and so forth.

At the point when gotten some information about the interesting naming system of “Polly And Other Stories”, she said that Polly, being the name of a famous sort of parrot(more generally known as “Mithoo” in Pakistan), was a most loved of the two prime supporters yet they “ran with the non-specific name “Polly” for a more worldwide feel”. About the Other Stories part of the name, she said that “We trust that each item has a story. What’s more, we additionally trust that buyers need to realize what this story is!”

Amneh, a Masters move on from University of Karachi who has worked in the Pakistani advancement segment for as long as 12 years, and Angela, a MBA from Australia who is known for driving and executing programs for USAID, AusAid, and the Aga Khan Foundation, together expect to revive the various little ventures by furnishing them with an online commercial center and growing their span. As of now, Polly and Other Stories offers free transporting for all items above 2,500 in Pakistan. Alongside that, they expect to move the startup as a full-scale overall retailer of such sort of merchandise, and that is the reason they likewise offer overall transportation. Right now, they are not focusing on fares but rather they do ship globally for individual customers who can purchase off the site.

After farming, the specialty division is the second biggest wellspring of occupation and vocations in Pakistan and countless and young fellows enjoy this calling. Notwithstanding, standard retailers once in a while stock specialties that is made by nearby artisans or skilled workers, for the most part because of absence of enthusiasm as these items are seen as low-esteem, conventional things with dated outline sensibility. To make it considerably harder, an absence of access to money related assets, poor business sector learning and the failure to draw in ventures implies that these people are stuck in an endless loop of delivering coincidental things with poor completing and need proceeded with, rehash orders.

In general, the estimating might be a bit on the premium side, yet the startup has a decent gathering of hand-made merchandise from all over Pakistan.

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