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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Now Available in Pakistan!

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 landed with a bang and are about to vanish with a Woooshhh. Yes, you read it right the new Samsung Galaxy is about to go off the racks and it’s not because of shortage of orders. Samsung has delayed its shipments after alleged reports about an issue in the batteries. It was quite disappointing for Samsung users to hear this news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Some of the new devices have been reported of catching fire due to unknown technical issues in the batteries, causing them to explode. Korean technology giant is calling a massive recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 all over the world.

Samsung has not yet revealed the final re-launch date of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It seems like buyers will have to put their wallets back in their pockets for a while longer. Quality control measures and additional tests are being carried out, but nothing has been revealed.

S-Pen with Samsung Note 7

The phone is a part of a broad turnaround for Samsung as it skipped to Note 7 in order to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 which is to be released next week. Fans and buyers still have to wait for at least a week or more until the shipment of these devices continues in Pakistan and in other parts of the world. Though, the Note 7 has been recalled but you have an option to place an order or a pre-order on Jambo.pk – in order to get it when it’s going to be available again.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specs and features

Users love Samsung mobile phones due to their large “phablet” type look. The usual large size of Samsung devices work best for those who love to have large screens for their mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features do not fail the fans in that respect. The amazingly good super AMOLED display comes with 5.7 inches screen anda pixel resolution of 2560×1440. One would not find anything better than this curved “edge” display.

Samsung Note 7 comes with 4GB RAM and a64GBmicro SD card expandable storage. Although the design is similar to Samsung’s previous variants but there is a lot going on under the hood. The SM-G930F of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 runs on Samsung’s very own Exynos 8890 octa-core processor while the model SM-G930 runs on a different Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quadcore chip.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price

Rear snapper dropped down to 12MP from 16MP while the secondary camera is kept at 5MP. There is a significant drop in pixels but don’t just give up now. The biggest selling point of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its low light performance camera. It produces high quality brilliant images with its amazing low light performance.

Complimentary new stylus make the user experience even more interesting. It gives a ballpoint-like effect with a small tip of 0.7mm. The tip is sensitive than ever and can be easily used to create GIFS, zoom in while hovering and translate words as well.

Larger battery leads to improved performance and can last for 24 hours even with heavy use. The Korean company has cranked up the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features with a far better power pack of 3000mAh.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price in Pakistan

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specs and features have been improved and the wrongs of previous flagship device have been tweaked. This is why the new flagship device is called the iterative perfection.

Color Variations in Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Where we love Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specs with improved waterproof design, superb camera, fantastic screen and power, it’s quite disappointing that the Korean tech giant has set a substantially high price for its new variant.

The retail price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan has been confirmed. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price is PKR 93,000 which is quite higher than its previous versions in the Note series. Online shopping is the easiest solution to any buying problem. One can just place an order and get the delivery in just a few days. Interested buyers can also pre-order Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at an online shopping platform and get the latest Samsung creation in just a few days.

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