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The emergence of eSports in Pakistan


Over a decade ago the cloud of Computer Network Gaming emerged on the socio-cultural sky across the country. It had a long lasting impact on the youth of 21st century. From the very beginning when the trend was taking its roots in the cafes, network gaming became a channel for the youth to socialize and form a healthy hobby.

As Computer gaming is quite accessible and easy to understand it can be considered as a gateway for the youth rival leading to more participation of our youth in the traditional outdoor and sporting activities. Now that smaller, faster and cheaper computers are easily available even for the mediocre family with the blessing of Murphy’ Law, our youth bund to their computer screens has become a trend.

It was the old age when we had to carry costly sporting kits, bags with squash rackets, pads, gloves and hockey sticks. It is the new era where it’s all about the expensive keyboards and the art of headsets just to cope up the eSports across the world.

The phenomenon of eSports is the mainstay of the network gaming cafes and the computer labs of schools and colleges. This idea of network gaming was came into sight for some computers wired together in fixed whereabouts over a decade ago. One of the wired computers were known to be the host server.

However, this bud is getting its huge size such as after the establishment of the Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL). It is hosted and developed by the ICT giant and PTCL, PGL provides Pakistan’s first ever online severs. Servers are dedicated to promote and organize eSports within the country. www.GamingLounge.com.pk provides a distinct platform for socializing and interacting to the country’s gaming community.

The progress towards an online, cloud based platform underline a significant step in establishment of eSports across the country. PGL’s servers aim to facilitate a fast gaming experience, accessible from every computer via internet.

The moderators team is highly efficient and dedicated providing 24/7 help and it assure the fair competitions without the obscenity. The PGL team also acts as referees which is eager to bring an organized regularity to some popular computer games from Pakistan. These games are among the ones that define the trends and interests in eSports within the country such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, First-Person Shooter (FPS) games, and Call of Duty. Boosting the multiplayer games such as Team Fortress and Minecraft service is intended to introduce more famous titles to the public in Pakistan hence widening the eSports scope within the nation’s gaming community.

A great potential was evident across this platform during the response it gave during the live pro-gaming competition in Centaurus Mall Islamabad. The tournament had a tough competition between the twin cities top gamers that was hosted by PGL’s online platform. The event represented an opportunity that can be helpful boosting the Pakistan’s budding gamer community via facilitating them with the unique platform that they need.

The contestants eagerly took advantage of the opportunity with great passion. The very scene of participants performing depicts how the socialization has and hobbies have transferred to the Digital age. Probably the most amazing was response from the spectators for whom a heated competition progressing in virtual was just as in the real sporting event.

By increasing the trend of such eSports, events like these and promoting them will provide the youth a chance to participate in a flourishing and increasingly worldwide trend. Moreover, promoting the eSports in the country our growing and establishing gamer community will be able to present itself on a broad horizon, maybe at international level. It is hoped that the day is soon to come when the green shirts will have the same importance in the field of eSports as it does have now for more conventional sporting competitions.

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