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Visumify: Reshaping careers via first ever video resume concept in Pakistan


In today job market everyone is looking to outmaneuver one another for the same position and for that, driving individuals are looking at every tool that will help them highlight and stand out in the tough and competitive free market.

To aid the individuals, enter the whole new evolutionary concept that is Visume. This is the newly rediscovered way of presenting yourself and accentuating your best features beyond the dull world of black and white resume.

For that purpose Visume or a Video resume is created by individuals to best describe their skills and qualifications which would then complement a traditional CV by allowing the potential employers to see your creative side and demonstrate interpersonal and technical skills. Lingering between the spectrum of the audition and the interview Visume combines the best of the both worlds.

Visume is an endearing tool for many people who are unable to show their charisma and potential through the use of CV alone and use the power of video resume to place themselves in the silver spotlight earning themselves a second look in most cases a stable job.

Visume is also a great addition in the tools of recruitment for the company as it allows company to filter the potential employees with relative ease and in more efficient manner saving time, cost and money in terms of precious resources that they would otherwise have to commit. According to the Forbes and many other reputable sources it takes first 7 seconds to make an impression, and next 30 seconds to decide whether to hire that person or not and with Visume you can do exactly that. Instead of committing hundreds of hours of man power in screening the candidates you can now do that with tens of hours of manpower resulting in significant saving for the company and speeding up the recruitment process by the factor of two.

In Pakistan there is no platform that has yet introduced this idea and this is where the Visumify comes in. It is a whole new startup that is trying to create a platform where all the people can come and enhance their attractiveness for the prospective employers and open new opportunities by networking and creating new connections that would propeller the individual career growth.

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