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War of Brands Nargis Jazz vs. Faisal Ufone


Ufone always has pitched their TVCs and other advertisement in the most humorous way as it is possible by Faisal Qureshi and team, and when it comes to hit against competitors UFONE rocks! And this time with the big bang.

Nargis Fakhri’s ad for Mobilink’s Jazz X series had been rolling over social media which she has posed for a Pakistan’s one of leading news paper’s front page. And it had to face a lot of criticism by the nation, Ufone, on the other hand used the opportunity and gave a Perfect Pitch, Faisal Qureshi posed same for Ufone Phone and added Humor.

And this news has undoubtedly made a day of all users of that newspaper, and we bet they laughed till their belly ache when they saw Faisal Qureshi lying midsection down, confronted sideways and emphasizing his exceptional emanation of parody.

Despite the fact that Ufone does not have anything new to dispatch as the versatile they are advertising by means of this trick as their cell phone is as of now in the business sector. This appears to be much the same as an update by Ufone Marketing and PR group to the masses when all is said in done that they are as yet driving the business sector regarding ascertained and strategized promotion situations.

This act by Ufone won’t just be a wellspring of dialogs in all circles of Pakistan however will perpetually mark the pictures of Nargis Fakhri and Faisal Qureshi with JazzX and Ufone’s “sasti” rationality. Highlighting the way that the JazzX business had incited individuals to the level of felony Ufone Ad mentions – “ishtihaar chhup k daikhnay ki zaroorat nhe” – meaning, “You don’t need to look at the ad in secrecy”.

Social media; Facebook and Twitter ejected with remarks and dialogs in regards to the new Ufone Ad and instantly it reviewed the picture of Nargis Fakhri and Mobilink’s JazzX versatile brand dispatch. Since the time period between the promotions, deliberately consolidated with the configuration and daily papers’ decision highlights the sudden reaction time of the Ufone advertising group. Various Social media freaks were buzzing with solicitations from Ansar Abbasi on the off chance that he had anything to remark on the new Ufone Ad as he needed to say for JazzX Nargis Fakhri Ad.

The research organizations on online networking were occupied with talking about different matters, for example, why Quetta release of the main daily papers did not have Nargis Fakhri or Faisal Qureshi on their front pages. It may be because of the heightened pressures in Baluchistan yet the general population were entirely resolute on demonstrating this as well, was an oppression the territory.

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