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Zameen.com boosted up with 3 million visitors per month


Pakistan’s largest real estate website, Zameen.com has crossed recently crossed the figure of 3 million visits per month, this has established once again its position as the only giant with no comparable competitor.

In a real short clock of time, founded in 2006 by 2 brothers (Imran Ali Khan & Zeeshan Ali Khan) hailing from engineering background, the website has exhibited an astonishing growth. The growth can be witnessed by following facts about the portal:

  • zameen.com has a team of about 500 dedicated employees.
  • It has offices in 9 cities while active presence in 30 major cities of the country

These unnoticeable achievements persuaded Google to conduct its first ever marketing case study in Pakistan based on the story of Zameen.com. This in a sense, is a nation’s pride as well.

Zameen was named one of the top eight global portals “TO WATCH & LEARN FROM” at the Property Portal Watch Conference held in Amsterdam. The portal also secured $9 million of funding from three well known, but undisclosed international investors.

In a nutshell, the sharp growth has made Zameen.com at least 8 times larger than its closest competitors in every as aspect.

The Co-CEO of the portal, Imran Ali Khan said ““We are humbled by the roaring ascent we have witnessed, in terms of monthly visits and generally across the board. Our aim is to make the most extensive real estate database available to users in the most convenient way possible. With this as a constant driving force, we have no plans of slowing down”

Besides being online, Zameen.com also publishes a purely real estate dedicated magazine which hosts large-scale property expos around the country, and offers mobile apps across all platforms

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