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11 Year Old Pakistani Kid Develops A Multipurpose Defense Drone


Pakistani young generation has always amazed the world with their knowledge, skills, and talent. Now and then, Pakistani youth surprises the world with its innovative and creative ideas and business plans. This time, a wonder kid has appeared on the scene with his enormous talent in the field of robotics. Bilal Ahmad, an 11-year-old kid from Pakistan, develops a drone at Microsoft Innovative Centre (MIC) in Karachi.

The drone is made up of aluminum and can fly up to 1500 feet. Powered by GPS, it can take off and land automatically. It has got the capacity to reduce air turbulence using its self-stabilizing mechanism. The drone has a built-in camera which can take photos as well as records videos. It is used for many other purposes like checking the live telemetry data and graphs on a radio controller. It can be employed for security purposes as well due to its multiple functions.

At a very tender age, Bilal developed the aptitude for technology. His father sensing his passion, encouraged him to learn programming. At MIC Karachi, Bilal was lucky to have the mentorship of Ozair Bilal from Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) for a local robotic competition. Ozair also advised him to learn to integrate a Raspberry Pi2 for his robots and drones. On following his mentor’s instructions, Bilal was able to successfully built his quad-copter which was a success in the field of robotics.

This wonder kid has got big dreams and aspires to make this world a better place by integrating human intellect and robotics. Bilal has made many other similar kinds of robots which serve different purposes. He also has the vision to build a “bionic suit” for the paralyzed people to make them walk and perform tasks with comfort and ease. This 11-year-old kid has indeed got gigantic dreams, and we are sure that he will go a long way in the field of robotics.

Bilal is going to showcase his inventions on his youtube channel BatLab soon.


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