Pakistani banks have implemented a process recently  which includes a two-step verification for online  payments through credit cards.

This system will help the users of a credit card in Pakistan to  make their online payments easily. This system is under deployment in the local banks at the moment and  it will allow the payment only after entering a one-time security passwords and account details which will be delivered via SMS or Email in real time to make online ventures possible.

Now it will be necessary for the customers to enter the one time password also in addition to  quantity, name, expiry date and CCV code.  Only then the operation will be carried out successfully online.

 According  to some sources, this facility in Pakistani banks this facility will  be deployed and available for both  Visa as well as for MasterCard and credit cards.  This visa and master card secure code features are going to help Pakistani banks operate safely.

In order to use this facility,  you need to do some shopping online and when the checkout page arrives,  it will require you to enter credit card information. The next thing you do is to press enter after it is processed, now in a new window, you will be requested to  select a medium  like SMS or email id to send you the password. The users will select any desirable method and-and will process the transaction.

 The websites that are “3D Secure”  websites will only be able to use this feature.

You are able to  call your  bank  to verify if  they are offering 2 Step Verification for online credit-based  payments. This also alarms a lot of e-commerce platforms without the 3D secure feature to quickly  enable that feature on their websites. There are no charges applicable for using this service  and customers do no need any activation for that service.