Let us see how you can fit into the criteria of being a great leader with these qualities.

  1. Focus

A good leader is always focused and make critical decisions wisely at the right time. He has never led astray or lose his focus upon his goals.

  1. Confidence

Low self-esteem brings confidence problems, maintaining your confidence will

  1. Transparency

A leader is a trust worthy person and believes in 100% authentic ways and words.

  1. Integrity

A leader is always authentic in all his interactions and communications, this will grow his business and promote good culture.

  1. Inspiration

A leader is always inspired by other leaders and motivates others as a role model.

  1. Passionate

A leader is always satisfied with his efforts and his inner is competed due to his passion in his work and daily life.

  1. Innovation

Innovation is not only good for society but it also pleases the leader and brings out the best from him.

  1. Patience

Courage is a great quality which teaches the lesson of remaining calm and patient in a difficult situation, that makes a great leader.

  1. Stoicism

Sometimes life freaks us out and we feel like all messed up. The leaders are never ashamed of his actions and move forward.

  1. Wonkiness

A leader makes wise decisions and always think of ways to increase their customer base with added value.

  1. Authenticity

A leader always has his own voice and develops his own ways for others to follow.

  1. Open Mindedness

A leader always keep his mind broad and open and listen to others.

  1. Decisiveness

Leaders do not play games, he makes his decision final.

  1. Personableness

Leaders always make trust worthy and genuine connections with their mates and peers.

  1. Empowerment

A leader appreciates the talent and brings others success.

  1. Positivity

A leader always believes in optimism.  He never thinks negative.

  1. Generosity

This is a rare quality of leader which makes him separate from others.

  1. Persistence

A leader always persists and never quits the race in his life.

  1. Insightfulness

Using the wisdom, the leader pays attention to things and thinks like a genius.

  1. Communications

People can be aware that a leader will talk to them in a very effective manner. They follow him.

  1. Accountability

Accountability is always a passion for a true leader who wants justice for all his community and peers.

  1. Restlessness

Each team member finds their leader a restless person until they are able to accomplish what they have set out for.