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Anusha Rehman Says That Digital Pakistan Dream Will Materialize In 2018


The chairing a board of directors’ meeting was help at USF, where Ms. Anusha Rehman was addressing to the audience. She is the current Federal Minister of State for Telecom and IT and IT. She revealed that is the priority and government’s utmost concern to hook up the unconnected.

She said that “We are focusing on “provision and connectivity of broadband”. She said that their effort to spread the broadband capabilities to far away areas and un-served locations in the country are huge. These areas include KPK & Baluchistan provinces. She said their dream of having a Digital Pakistan is going to be materialized in the year 2018 by the grace of Allah”.

She further directed USF to bolster monitoring and do an analysis of the available resources. They should make sure that maximum and ideal use of technology is made possible and  these assignments must be done properly.

Mrs. Anusha Rahman who is Minister of State for IT & Telecom is also the chairperson or head of USF Co Board. She was also the leading that meeting in a huge gathering. The upcoming new projects of government were discussed in that meeting  she gave an outstanding summary of the forthcoming and existing Projects of USF. The projects focused on the establishment of more and advanced Telecenters in the country. The other projects like the establishment of Computer Labs in Women Empowerment Centers were also announced administered under Bait Ul Maal.

She said they have the aim to establish 100 more Computer Labs. The ICT will undertake this project and “ICT’s for Girls” will play an important part in it, which was also discussed in the meeting.

She also advised the USFCo authorities to create an indoor analysis plan ensure visibility & efficiency of their plans in the company.

In additional to above, the directions of the board were about the future performance and evaluation of all employees working in USFCo. She said that all the employees must be paid well and their appraisals must be ensured on the basis of their performance.  Their performance report should be submitted to the board quarterly.

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