The lighter and thinner devices are getting more common these days, everybody likes to carry a sleek beautiful lightweight device like a smartphone or a laptop in the today’s technologically advanced world. The purpose of this device is to enable them  to perform their multi-tasking activities. The customers also appreciate light devices and this demand has been met beautifully by none other than Apple Inc so far with their fabulous iPhones and Macbook products. Yet again Apple has done a good job by releasing its new device called “Apple MacBook Pro 2016” . The device is incredibly amazing but unfortunately some users are not appreciating it much.

The reason for criticizing this new Apple device is not looks. The  notebook is made of cutting edge state of the art technology. The functions are also super and the device is powerful. The notebook design is also wafer thin and shiny. The following features are worth mentioning:

  • Processor: Apple used Intel Xeon E5 processing  available with 4, 6, 8, or 12 cores.The cache is 30MB as well.
  • Display: Display is also 3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit using the IPS technology.
  • Supported Scaled Resolutions: 1680 by 1050, 1440 by 900 & 1024 by 640


Pros  of MacBook Pro 2016:

  • Excelling Macbook air has a nice battery life. It is heavy weight device by Apple, that is why he keyboard is full-size and big also..The compact keyboard is a powerful one and user-friendly.
  • The battery can also last long in the new Macbook Pro for 10 hours . The sensors under the keyboard trackpad are also very fine.
  • The retina display clarity is 15 which is excellent.
  • The latest wi-fi and blue-tooth technology are built into the device by Apple.
  • It also produces small amount of heat as compared to other brands. The ears do not hear its sound also.
  • Cons of MacBook Pro 2016:
  • There is a single USB port on the new Macbook Pro. A lot of people do not appreciate it.
  • The RAM is lower than other similar devices like 16 GB