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AutoGenie startup has been getting $100,000 investment from PakWheels


Just for the information that AutoGenie that has been theePlanX based startup has been getting funding of nearly the amount of $100,000 from Pakistan’s famous and well known automobile portal which we all know by the name of PakWheels.com. It has so far been heard that this so called and subjected investment has been the very first investment to be made by PakWheels. Previously they have risen funding of 3.5 million dollars in the last year that was related to the largest and also disclosed kind of venture capital investment deals.

All about AutoGenie

For your information, AutoGenie has been marked as a car maintenance portal that helps people in just maintaining and also repairing their cars right from their homes. AutoGenie mechanics just get done with the house calls and they only make dealing with original parts. It has now been valued at $1.5 million and so far it has also successfully and massively repaired 1500 cars in Lahore. AutoGenie has these future plans to make an expansion of their services in all of the major cities of Pakistan and that too will happen by the end of this year. The current deal will be allowing AutoGenie to try to cover services segment of the Pakwheels.com and they will also be utilizing its existing resources like that of user base and also OEM linkages, and too car-data.

The use of this investment money will be carried over to build up infrastructure and also to expand operations and that will too be done in the provisional capital. But the major and vital part of the investment will also be spent on marketing as it has been revealed by PlanX.

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