Healthcare is big business, and often brings about bold innovations. Apart from some very promising pharmaceuticals, the wellness industry is increasingly turning to artificial intelligence, robotics and other kinds of machines to improve the quality of life patients can expect.


Five Health Gadgets To Look Forward To


Technology doesn’t only mean the latest mobile phones, laptops, DSLR cameras or entertainment gadgets: a number of new devices are coming onto the market which will help monitor our vital signs and health, and help sufferers of various conditions to live a more normal lifestyle.


Smartwatch for Patients with Sleep Apnea


Many people snore; sleep apnea is the worse version of this, where the airway can become completely obstructed during sleep. This is no fun, and can even lead to brain damage or death. Now, a smartwatch has been developed that can recognize the initial signs of sleep apnea, waking the sufferer and preventing dangerous situations from arising.


Temperature Patch For Children


Monitoring the temperature of young children can be difficult. The child will generally not understand what’s going on, and may not enjoy the experience. The TempTrag is a patch-like device which is easy to use, and can be affixed to the skin for 24-hour temperature monitoring of babies and toddlers.


Smart Glasses


While not yet capable of giving sight to the blind, this product from Aira allows a company representative to give directions based on what the wearer would be seeing. Based on Google Glass, the intention is not to replace traditional methods such as guide dogs, but to increase the quality of life for blind people as far as specific tasks are concerned.


Fitness Rings


Smaller than other types of pedometer or other fitness devices, this simple ring keeps track of your movements, sleep cycle and heart rate. Completely unobtrusive, a fitness ring can help the user approach a healthier lifestyle.


Software to Relieve Stress


A stressful lifestyle can directly or indirectly aggravate a wide variety of health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Company ReNu is using computer programs to address this issue. Combined with nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical patches, binaural beats are used to induce a feeling of calm.


* * *

The field of medical tech is a fascinating and ever-evolving one. In the near future, artificial intelligences will be available to help doctors interpret MRI scans and other kinds of diagnostic imaging, remote surgery using robots will become commonplace, while machine learning will be the research tool of the future. Every small innovation helps to advance the state of the art that much further, allowing better health for all.