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eBay is editing seller’s listings rather than taking them down


It has been reported that eBay has sorted out the keyword spamming by editing the listings

In the past, the violating listing were simply removed by eBay and a notification was sent out for the sellers but editing the seller’s listings on its own was unheard till now.

It’s quite a problem with the sellers at eCommerce that use irrelevant names or the pop culture terms for their products.it also makes a mess when the sellers are to elucidate their listings. When some user bring into the notice of the company, the negligence about the company’s policy eBay may remove the listing and inform the seller.

The directions on the eBay’s community page elaborates vividly about the treatment and the consequences of “brand name misuse”

Though, it seems that the eBay’s policy regarding brand name misuse is changing with reference to some emails featured in an Auction Bytes post. One seller specifically stated about the email received from the eBay that

We are here to tell you that one or more of your listings does not follow our policy. As we consider you as our valued member we have edited the list for you. Now that it meets to the guidelines mentioned. It’s still live on the site. You can get to the edited list in this email.”

eBay considers the sellers responsible for the content and the certainty of the listings and, in 2015 eBay included the provision to the user agreement stated as bellow:

“Content breaching the eBay’s policies will be removed at eBay’s prudence”

Though it wasn’t the part of the added provisions, editing the seller’s listings but it seems that eBay has adopted new way to perform.

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