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eLearn Punjab digitize its 14 textbooks of grade 9 and 10


It has been reported that so far the first phase has been completed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to carry out the modern methods in their education system. Their plan was to come up with an online interactive portal and also to digitize 14 Matriculation textbooks for grade 9 and 10 and now they have successfully completed the very first phase of this project. These 14 Matriculation textbooks for the class of grade 9 and 10 are available on eLearn Punjab website.

What other things this eLearn Punjab website has?

In this eLearn Punjab website, you will be having these digital textbooks, you will also be having 40 story books and also 15 teaching guides for teachers for the grades of 1 to 10. We have seen that the winning part of this subjected online platform is that it is much and massively highly attractive and it is a kind of engaging platform and interface which is quite and rather full of color combinations. It has been for the first time that e-learn has been making these digitized textbooks. They are freely available online.

What has been uploaded on this eLearn Punjab website?

It is seen that by far 3352 videos and also 592 Simulations have been uploaded, 768 animations and 1830 figures and also 944 assessments that makes a total of 3094 pages have also been uploaded on this website.

If we talk about the future plans then it is heard that this same content will also be coming into laptops and tablet, It will also be available in the form of CDs. Just stay tuned to have more educational news

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