The majority of the small and medium-sized marketers prefer the different forms of social media for promotion and advertisement of the business nowadays. The use of social media is becoming more and more popular among the consumers, and all kind of businesses and startups rely heavily on this medium. They are indeed getting an advantage over those marketers who only use the print media. However, not all the marketers are successful in getting the attention of their audiences.

The users confront loads of information, pictures, and videos each day and capturing the perfect target market’s attention at the perfect time is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and creativeness to generate leads through the social media.

If you are one such budding entrepreneur or a struggling marketer who wants to get an optimum advantage for their business using social media, then follow the five simple steps given below.

  1. Know Your Target
  • Knowing your target and establishing a connection with him is the first and most important step.
  • You need to be very clear in your mind that whom you want to target with your particular efforts and strategy.
  • Establish the niche market for your product and focus on it to avoid wasting your time and efforts.
  • Now you have known that who is your target, do your research in finding out that which websites and social media content do they usually use. You can find it easily by finding out the demographics of a website.
  • To further enhance your search process, find out the things that influence your target market. What things, likes, dislikes, and preferences do they have in common. This information will help you a lot while formulating your strategies.
  1. Take Advantage of The User’s Psychology
  • Most of the successful marketers know how to play with the consumers’ psychology. You can better deliver the customers’ needs by understanding their behavior first.
  • Social media users keep a constant check on the newsfeed and social content because they have the fear of missing out something very important and up to date news or some other detail. Being a marketer, you have to create such fear of missing out in your consumers’ hearts that they are forced to stick to your content on social media.
  • Try to add some celebrity testimonials or customer reviews with your product because the most effective form of advertisement is the ‘word of mouth.’
  • If you want to establish long-term relationships with your audience, then you have to offer them some promotions, gifts, and giveaways. It is the easiest task practiced by many big names in the market.
  1. Follow A Proper Content Promotion Schedule
  • Creating engaging content and significantly increasing the website content is not enough.
  • The usefulness of the content depends on the seriousness of it and not on the amount only.
  • Try to repeat the same content again and again as it can get negative reactions from the visitors.
  • Plan your content and work according to a simple sharing schedule. It will help manage you sharing the right amount of content on the right kind of social media at the perfect time.
  • As I said earlier, avoid posting the same message, text, and picture twice. Try to bring variation in your text.
  • Keep a constant check on your record and the users feedback. Analyze the results to see whether your efforts are worth making or not.
  1. Choose The Right Platform
  • Choosing the right platform for your activities will help maximize your efforts.
  • For instance, Facebook is very helpful for advertising these days. You can invite your friends, and other contacts to join your Facebook page.
  • You can directly attract a person to your page by pinning a tweet on the top of your profile.
  • Be an active participant in a particular LinkedIn group and try to make more connections through this medium.
  • Link your Facebook page and your website activities to Instagram. When posting pictures on Instagram, don’t forget to add website links to it.
  1. Improve Your Conversion Strategy
  • What’s the use of so many users and audiences to your site, page, or any other account if you are unable to convert them towards your business?
  • Put your important piece of marketing behind the gate. A gate is a kind of form which requires the user to fill in his name, e-mail id, and other things. In this way, the users develop a strong connection with the marketer.
  • Avoid any hindrances and obstacles on your website or page. Create simple and easy procedures to help the users readily navigate on the webpage and contact you.

Keep these simple tips and tricks in mind to create your business lead easily through social media. You will cover half way of your success if you can successfully convert the users through social media content.


Saman Fawad is a professional content and creative writer, She is an MBA and loves to write about technology, startups, and business articles. She can be reached at