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The Future of the Smartphone Industry in Pakistan


The technology boom that has struck Pakistan is very obvious if you just take a moment to observe it – Every other person on the streets can be seen texting and chatting, notes are being exchanged on whatsapp, conference calls are happening on skype and even bills are being paid on smartphones – The future has very much arrived!

Rising competition, availability of 3G and 4G networks,  much more affordable prices and a pressing social need to own a smartphone are all contributing factors that have submerged the Pakistani audience in the smartphone frenzy that only appears to be progressing further.

The mobile broadband industry has played a huge role in encouraging this development where the launch of 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan are believed to have connected more than 1 million users to high speed internet every month.

The Market for Smartphones in Pakistan

Pakistan currently possesses one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the easy access of mobile phones have made their market both promising and profitable for retail and e-tail giants.

The estimated average cost of a mobile phone in Pakistan is $45 that is roughly Rs 5,000. Based on this figure, the mobile phone market in Pakistan has a value of $840 million a year, according to the September 2015 imports.

In 2015 alone nearly 25 million subscribers were present in Pakistan and smartphone users held a staggeringly high percentage of approximately 31% of all mobile shipments. While back in 2013 that figure was only 13%. And today, Smartphones account for half the country’s total mobile phone imports according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Hence it is safe to say that Pakistan currently  has a huge market for smartphones!


The Trends and Estimates

According to a report issued by the Telegraph, Pakistan ranked 6th in 2015, in the list of top smartphone markets for growth by value. Another report in accordance to market estimates and current e-commerce trends stated that by the December of 2016 there will be as many as 40 million smartphones users in Pakistan. Today in 2016 the progress is quite evident. With major ecommerce platforms across the country claiming that the smartphone category continues to be their top selling one.

The reason for this widespread trend is also due to an increased affordability of smartphones in current times. A leading e-commerce giant of Pakistan observed that there was a near 50% drop in smartphone prices in just a 2 years time – Which is phenomenal for the public!

In 2016 the average cost of a smartphone has dropped from a handsome amount of Rs 61,000 to a more mediocre figure of Rs 30,000. In response to which, sales have risen up by 580% from the January of 2015 to the January of 2016.

The Brands and their Market Shares

The market position of all mobile brands have shifted from that of previous years owing to more companies joining the race, new technologies springing up and the inability of some to cope with evolving trends.

The infographic below shares the details of leading mobile phone brands and their market share values back in 2015.


In 2016 Qmobile rises as the winner with nearly 50% of all shares –  Surprisingly, Pakistan is the only country in the world in which a local phone brand is leading the market despite facing increased competition from international brands. Samsung current holds 15% of all shares, whereas Huawei is fastly progressing forward with 4G smart phones that currently hold 25% of the market.

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