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German Companies Planning to Invest in Pakistan’s Telecom and Energy Sectors


German companies are looking forward to investing in Pakistan’s telecom and energy sectors, as mentioned by the ambassador from Germany to Pakistan, Ina Lepel, in a meeting with the Pakistan’s finance minister, Ishaq Dar.

Doors of Foreign Investment Opens in Pakistan

A meeting was held on Saturday attended by the finance minister and German ambassador along with the FBR officials. Ina Lepel focused on the developing interest of German companies for investment in Pakistan. She further mentioned that the government should take active measures to attract foreign investors to the country, and this is not possible without the support of the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Dar assured the ambassador of full support and warmly welcomed the companies’ plans for investment. He said that the government of Pakistan was trying its best to enhance the opportunities for foreign investment and growth. He added that this time, the government has taken an active initiative in this regard by presenting a business-friendly budget offering incentives to the industries. The Pakistani government extend its hands towards the German investors and look forward to a long-term relationship with them. In return, Ina Lepel offered her gratitude for the government’s support.

Reclassification of Pakistan’s Market Status

After the economic downfall of Pakistan in 2008, the country’s market status was shifted from emerging market to frontier market status. But now, the MSCI plans to move it again to emerging market status due to the improving economic condition in Pakistan.

The decision is not confirmed yet, but it has already started attracting foreign investors to the country as seen from the German ambassador meeting with the finance minister.

A Hope for Pakistan’s Economic Sector

A foreign investment of up to $1 billion dollars is expected to hit the Pakistan’s economic sector in 2017 -18. We hope that the government of Pakistan make full use of these investments and provide business friendly economic conditions and policies to the foreign investors. The government has to take steps to gain the trust and confidence of foreign companies once again for a bright future of Pakistan.

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