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Yayvo has become the leading online shopping platform in Pakistan by showcasing the best products online for its customers. Now, they have made a major launch in collaboration with Infinix to release their latest smartphone in Pakistan – the Infinix Hot 4.

After the recent success of the Hot S, Infinix has understood the value of being partners with Yayvo. The Infinix hot 4 has a wonderful range of features that are genuine, original and interesting to the smartphone lovers in Pakistan that have continuously demanded the smartphone. The Hot 4 specifications comprises of 16 GB storage, quad core processor and 8MP camera. Yayvo has taken to promoting and marketing the Infinix Hot 4 on its platform since it has become popular among the young male and female audience.

The CEO of TCS Ecom (Pvt.) Ltd. has shown his support for this lite partnership and hopes for more collaboration in the future as well that benefits the customers with such low and affordable price rates and high quality deliverance.

“A partnership between Infinix and Yayvo, the fastest growing shopping portal in Pakistan, was only natural. Through this alliance, we will provide customers with top quality genuine products at best prices and in the shortest time possible to meet the market demand.”

The astute and effective TCS delivery system has also been put in this alliance to ensure that every single Infinix Hot 4 order is available at their doorstep in less than two hours. This 120 minute delivery service is also unique in its standing as no other online shopping platform is offering the latest products at such esteemed prices and with such quick efficiency.