USB Block is an improved USB blocking software that restricts the unauthorized USB devices from connecting into your system, PC etc. It comes in handy when you’re working in your office and you usually leave your work station unattended for a period of times.

In most cases, while we’re home, the same condition happens while we’re surrounded by our colleagues, working on a project. After a while you might head up to grab a snack or two but on returning you find someone took your data and field away.

This trend has now become too common. in fact, most people have stopped being creative all because of their work being stolen and someone else taking the credit for it.

The process of USB blocking is as follows:

This software prompts you to enter a password every time a device gets connected to your system. It happens only when an unauthorized device gets connected to your PC and doesn’t prompt when you connect a trusted device. You can create and add devices that you trust in the ‘list of trusted devices’ in order to not get be prompted for a password for your own devices. Hence, you save time and effort in accessing your data while restricting those who you do not trust.

In order to Block USB devices, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, download and install USB Block on your device
  • Launch the software
  • Set and confirm the password and tap on ‘OK’
  • Switch to ‘Control Center’ tab where you could block devices you do not trust
  • Know that ports/USB devices are blocked by default. However, you can deactivate this feature if not needed from the ‘Control Center’ tab
  • Uncheck the box ‘Block USB devices in order to deactivate this feature
  • To block a particular type of device, tap on the relevant box as directed

Once blocked, all such or similar type of devices would be blocked and wouldn’t have any access to the computer

Whenever an unauthorized devices, USB etc. is connected, the software prompts for a password

However, the trusted devices that are part of ‘list of trusted devices’ won’t be prompted for any such password request

You can add any device to the authorize list by simply checking the box ‘Remember (add to Authorized List)’ which appears every time a password prompt window will appear

This software is also known as the best data leak prevention software that reduces the risk of data exposure to people you do not trust. It doesn’t only block USB drives but also blocks ports, devices, drives on a local PC. It also restricts unauthorized use of USB drives, media and Blu-ray discs along with non-system drives on your system

Follow these simple steps to block unauthorized access of non-system drives of your PC:

  1. Launch USB Block and enter your password
  2. Switch on to ‘Control Center’ tab from where you could block drives and devices that you do not trust. By default, only USB drives are blocked. However, if you want to, you could always deactivate this feature
  3. Moving on, check the ‘Block Non-system Drives’ box to stop unauthorized access of non-system drives of your system

Hence, whenever an unauthorized device tries to access your non-system drives, they would be asked to enter the correct password. Only drives that are part of ‘Authorize list won’t be prompted for the password when accessed

You can them to the trusted list by checking the box ‘Remember (add to Authorize List) which appears every time a password prompt window will appear