Business to customer communication is the vigorous procedure to make it perfect. There is a different tool available to make things simple on both ends.

No doubt AI slowly change the way of thinking. It also acts like in the human mind to the advanced level. Now the large security establishment depends on face gratitude or some fingerprints. As well as scan for unlocking doors to secure chamber, even computer over manual input password.

As soon as possible, this estimated and ultimately do away with some typing password. This is to unlock your personal computer instead use face gratitude scanner at home.

Human or customer service as well as it also called human intelligence. Hence a large extent that still depends on human services for economic or social progress. Whereas, this is steadily declining with every passing day.

Either, learning more towards artificial intelligence isn’t at the macro level. It’s the purpose of developing social and economically. Even at the micro level to support with your daily chores and targets.

AI & Human Intelligence in Customer Service:

With customer service calls to resolve an issue that can be a real drag. You know well the drill and wait for many minutes for the next available reps. this is as precious moments of your life tick away.

If customer finally gets on the line, you can get the run-around. A representative with an attitude or transfer for customer oblivion. But who has time for that? It may be artificial intelligence. This is also referred to as false. It has worked as well as for situation like this.

Usually, artificial intelligence the term of refers to machines that replicate human functions. This is like learning and issues resolve. So no need to worry about, will circumstances, as customer machines get so intelligent. So, they outsmart with human and turn on them.

Whereas, you can find yourself speaking to machine the next time you call a customer service reps. this understood human speech as an automated voice will ask you a question. It is also based in your response. This is figure out that how to best serve your necessaries.

AI Vs Human Aptitude – The Outcome

Other cases of generalized artificial intelligence applied AI. It seems that the system learns from historical data and parametrizes. This is assimilating into higher order or logic or some pattern recognition. But the thing is that how much higher it can go? So what happens if an entirely new phenomenon occurs?

Let suppose, and it happens if the customer has a sore throat? Is voice robot still convert the speech into text? As human make that adjustment for sure and without any public training. The voice of the robot is limit. This is what it had already learned. It is also getting a new type of speech.

This needs a new transcripts efficient volume as well to learn from. Artificial intelligence an amazing on a level higher than basic computer programming. As human are arguably at several degrees higher.

There are many fundamentals reasons about why the machine can never come close to human. Else, apart from processing information logically. Usually, human brains also have other capabilities of it.

Human Vs AI for Customer Reps


  • Sensory information. Human uses all five senses all the time. As the robot can ever replicate all these senses.

Artificial operates only in the realm of information procedure.

  • Creativity: Usually, machines generate languages for the first time. Are they write some poetry that conveys more than the words say? Can it elicit emotions in? Is it create art, which is imperfect but still touches your souls?

You can also train a machine to behave like you.

Whereas you cannot prepare it to develop as its personality. It also breaks chain of productivity human made essential leaps in sciences, technology.

  • Deductive reasoning: This is not thinking that you can train an artificial is over become. Else, the computer is best at processing logic and data at peak speeds. As they cannot create stuff or break new grounds of knowledge like do. The only benefits that they do not have biological limitations.

This is as long as you know all rules of game upfront. You can also train the machine. It doesn’t rely on complete knowledge of everything in solving a case.

  • Judgment: This is the very high order of thinking in human. This also tells the difference between right and wrong. If you see pit first time, been judge instantly and can jump across it or not.

If you use judgement can use extremely complicated information processing and reproductions. This is what think any machine that will ever be able to do.

  • Right brain thinking. Usually, brains said to hard weird with millions of years of developments. We can carry the knowledge across all form of life that has evolved.

Human brains know about how deer felt when it hunted.

The alert to have any impending dangers and intuitively. This is all tough coded in the human head. This is why it can empathize even with animals. If human see it on TV channel.

  • Social behavior. Machine do not have social behavior and emotions. Another part of the information that processes the capabilities. Some other aspects make far superior for any device. In this way, a human has their energy beyond the logical limit of possibilities.

Can AI Take Humans out of Customer Provision?  

Creativity in customer service featuring AI and virtual reps for the full range. The purpose of engaging at pre-sale point to support with billing transaction. And it make a post-sale service appointment.

With this apparent increase in the use of artificial intelligence technology. This is concise summarizes some of the advanced trends shape the role of AI in customer service.

Smart technology also uses background information to escalate automatically. This is classifies customer requests as well as optimize chat routing based. As previous customer request and their account records as well.

Artificial intelligence service will much quick, smart and more personalized. It is from the new technology that will cut effort. So, let support reps and address customer interaction more creativity. With using critical thinking and issues solving skills to fulfil the capacity.

Ultimately, companies will enjoy high customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is owing to enhance customer experience with new way AI tools offer.


In the end, the rapidly developing technology offers significant development of opportunities. With several companies that have already had been fast to seize upon. As customer interaction as such email, online chat, social-media conversation need human involvement.

But AI like Coztel enabling the customer/companies to automate these communications. By analyzing data collected from previous discussions is the possibility to plan.

Author Bio:

Abdul has spent his career developing high-performance organizations. He is working as a chief marketing officer for a leading call center software company Coztel. As both a marketing executive, Abdul has created and executed numerous programs that build market awareness, drive lead generation and increase revenue.