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We live in a society that is flawed by dogmatic practices and rituals that often carry no logic or justification. With the majority of the country settled in the rural areas it becomes difficult in educating the masses of the new world. The developments that happen around and the all the latest happenings taking place in the global world.

Advancement of technology though has presented us with some respite if not the complete solution. Today, when traditional media from newspapers to TV channels and from radio to magazines are still to reach out in nook and corner of the country, a medium has made itself available to all. All thanks to technology, today one can get hold of all the information on simple few clicks. Be it websites or social media, everything is available on either your desktop or more conveniently on your palm in form of mobile phones and tablets.

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From leading media outlets to independent sources, there has been a flux of such platforms that provide for both entertainment and information all at the same time. One such platform that has been breaking barriers and taking in accolade is A project from one of the leading venture capitalist, is Pakistan’s premier video curation site that covers content from multiple niche. Offering comprehensive coverage of the most up-to-date issues dominating airwaves and the digital world in Pakistan and across the globe.

Established in the backdrop of blanket YouTube ban, Rava is a haven for news and video junkies with videos on breaking news, latest headlines, current affairs, talk shows, business, entertainment, technology and sports. A bi-lingual portal, offers a varied selection of off-beat videos for connoisseurs diligently compiled by their team of conscientious and media-savvy curators. Serving as a launching pad for budding and aspiring video journalist and v-bloggers, is open for free submission.

Easy Accessibility

The site and the mobile application has been designed in a user friendly style. The bi-lingual option makes it just the right option for the Pakistani audiences. One can easily through the Urdu site with news and video description also available in Urdu. The website has a suggestion oriented friendly search bar that helps you search all your favorite videos. The sliders further help you in getting access to the latest videos without much of scrolling and juggling.’s mobile application is no different story as well. The friendly interface helps the user in viewing the content without much of trouble. You are notified of all the recent happening and uploads. And even if you are missing on with the mobile application, the website has multiple of social channels that also help you remain informed throughout. With Rava’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you are provided with notifications for all the latest information. The channels also bring you exclusive Rava generated content that contains is developed on the lines of awareness and social responsibility.

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The exclusive content is generated in-house and delivers some essential awareness on some of the forgotten lines of society. Information technology’s advancement in Pakistan for now has largely only exposed foreign awareness material. The locally generated content be in online dramas or online political talk shows remain limited to solely entertainment. The sector though has seen some of the groups coming up with social awareness content but that remains wrapped in the comic niche. is the premier when it comes to dedicated social awareness content. Producing 100% Urdu content, Rava has for now created a unique identity for itself. The content produced by Rava ranges from both environment friendly messages to social values revisit. Realizing how distanced we have grown from our typical family values, some of the recent’s videos were dedicated to the cause. One can hope to see more from Rava on such topics.

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It’s not just the exclusive and recorded content that you are going to catch on The video curation stresses upon legal and piracy free content. Part of their social responsibility campaign and driven by ethics, has entered in collaboration with some of the leading English and Urdu news outlet. This means will now be live streaming leading news channels without any charging a dime. A rather one of its kind, live streaming still remains a flawed concept in Pakistan, where the quality is compromised by both internet connection as well as illegal websites broadcasting channels without permission.

We  can only hope that this advancement of technology that has helped catalyze media, will only further help sites like, that are purely user driven. With more of such sites popping up day in and day out, for sure has initiated a phenomenon that is going to contribute the public in general and assist in dissemination of information.