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You go online and see a product that you like. It is available at the lowest of prices that you can imagine and there are further discounts being offered on it. You select the product and it is delivered to your doorstep. Once there, you pay cash on delivery. This is the model that the online giant eBay uses and now in turn is being used by Kaymu.

How does Kaymu function?

Kaymu is considered to be the brainchild of two of the world’s largest investor groups, namely Rocket Internet and Ooredoo. It is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to exchange products at a certain price. Buyers can order anything they like at Kaymu and it will be delivered to their home. The brand name is marketed via tools such as social media, e-marketing, and various digital marketing tools.

Following the footsteps of eBay in Pakistan

Kaymu has taken inspiration from eBay in a number of ways. The first one is that it takes care of the role of playing an intermediary between the buyers and sellers. It provides a secure platform where the two entities can interact and trade with each other. Moreover, it takes on the responsibility of logistics and shipping on itself.

The most important fact here that both the models follow is the freedom that they provide to both the buyer and seller. They can simply interact with each other and are free to conduct their own business while keeping the marketplace in the loop for a certain percentage.

Kaymu and the Pakistani scape

In Pakistan, Kaymu started its operations in 2012 and it is based in Lahore and Karachi in which Lahore is considered to be the regional headquarters for the Asia region. Within a short period of time, the venture has revolutionized the online shopping experience for many people in the country. Since it is known to be the first one of its kind, it has established a huge presence in the minds of the consumers. One of the major benefits that the company enjoys is the fact that it is established in an emerging market. It sells everything from books to jewelry and anything that you can get your mind on.

In the present day, it is providing efficient servicing techniques such as shopping carts, wish lists, delivery tracking, quicker response timings, and many discount options.

Future of Kaymu in Pakistan

Kaymu has a very promising future in Pakistan. According to recent reports, there have been 24.78 million internet users on broadband and mobile internet connectivity. Due to rise in these figures along with the increasing trend of online shopping, many people will opt to go for Kaymu instead of buying these in person.

Even though it has a fully established name, it needs to take care of a number of things such as increasing the awareness level amongst the population of the country. Moreover, the level of trust needs to be taken up a notch for more people to come into the fold of online shopping.

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