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Khan Academy has been revolutionizing Free Education


Khan Academy has this main and solo mission of giving free world class education, this subjected virtual academy has now been making education just accessible to anyone. You only need a smartphone; you can also have a personal computer plus passion and determination for education. It is a not-for-profit organization; it started working at the time of 2007. It just invites everybody and all one to get start with the learning without the difference age and also gender and class.

What Khan Academy offers?

This academy also offers massive range of subjects tutorials, basic arithmetic and also calculus, chemistry and too physics, history medicine and economics tutorials and also tutorials on finance. Their tutorials have been based on 10 to 15 minute video sessions.

Khan Academy is a brainchild of whom?

It is a brainchild of Bangladeshi-American named as Salman Khan. He is the founder and also executive director, and he is also a faculty member in Khan Academy. We have heard that he is an MBA from Harvard Business School, he has so far three Bachelors degrees in Math and also in Electrical Engineering, and also Computer Science from MIT. About the tutorials of algebra, he took help from his cousin. He has also produced library of massive online lectures on science, algebra and also on math and on other subjects. His site has so far over 9000 short lessons. There has also been a detailed dashboard for all the teachers who can well be using Khan Academy in all of their classrooms sessions. Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder) has also appreciated Khan efforts.

Beliefs of Khan Academy

We can have less lecturing and more of the interactions. These Academy beliefs that we can have a universal degree that can be comparable to a Stanford degree! It has also been seent that students have also been taking benefit from this Academy for their different competitive exams like that of SAT, CAT and also GRE, GMAT. This academy has this believe that GPA system has now become an outdated way and it needs a revolution, we can have Portfolios now.

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