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Komal Ahmad has planned to diminish Hunger in America by launching an app


With the assistance of a versatile application, Komal Ahmad is nourishing the shocking individuals in her city who are not ready to get hold of sustenance for slaughtering their appetite.

The young lady has a mission to gather sustenance from the individuals who are squandering it for being surplus and food the same to forlorn individuals who have no different intends to get it. She is the organizer and CEO of Copia, an online stage that interfaces people and associations to give sustenance to the poor and destitute.

As per her, the thought is additionally helping ventures to benefit something for society and fortify their image picture by peopling and feel great in the meantime. Associations need to dump their surplus sustenance, and they need to hold up under the transfer expense of doing this.

The pickup administration of Komal Ahmad now gathers the sustenance at a negligible charge, much lesser than transfer cost, and disseminate the same to non-benefit associations working for the needy individuals.

It began when Komal was drawn closer by a youthful vagrant on a road in Calfornia who requested cash to purchase nourishment. Rather than giving him cash, she selected to take the man to University cafeteria over the road for having the lunch where she discovered that gentleman had a place with a decent family and had become again from the Summer Training for US Navy. He was going to join the power as an officer.

The way that the man had been expelled from his home, and he hadn’t eaten in three days was exceptionally stunning for Komal Ahmad. While having the lunch with him, she saw a large number of pounds of remaining nourishment getting discarded by college cafeteria over the road and the thought struck her brain immediately to make a stage that could turn into a scaffold between these two extremes.

With the idea of fulfilling the requirements of such individuals, she started her drive ‘Sustaining Forward’ in 2011 with the assistance of University of California Berkeley’s cafeteria and later changed into tech startup Copia, which has disseminated somewhere in the range of 600,000 pounds of sustenance to 720,000 poor individuals over the San Francisco. She began the drive while she was an undergrad at the University of California Berkeley. As of late she has gotten an award of $ 500,000 from Toyota for conveying forward with her second period of sustenance dissemination furthermore recognize by Toyota as “Moms of Invention”.

Komal Ahmad says that she has additionally been reached by administrations of Austria and Germany for starting her drive in Europe also.

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