There are lots of mistakes that can affect the productivity of your call center and hence have bad impacts on overall functions and operations. So here, we have highlighted several outbound dialing mistakes that you should avoid for smooth operations.

Letting the call data go out of date:

If you have some large database of several numbers to make calls, then your whole call center operation would run more easily and efficiently, so the best solutions is to buy the reliable call center leads which have a large data base and you will not be required to cleanse the unused or dead numbers, as the software will do it automatically for you without putting much efforts.

Present a ‘08’number to the customer:

Usually all the mobile devices and most of the landline telephones display the outbound number whenever you make a call.

So, when you will present a 0845 or 0800 dialing number to the call recipients then they will be much likely to drop or ignore your calls.

There are different reliable providers that tend to offer the smart ability to control the CLI of the called party, and totally change the perception of the call and hence increase the calling rates.

Random dialing and time wasting:

Sometimes call centers tend to switch their dialler on and then leave it for hours, without even assessing their business objective. So, as a result, an endless redials will become an irritating thing with different associated risks, time wasting and effort wasting as well. Therefore, VoIP brings predictive dialer option, in which you can make right calls at the right times based on agent’s availability. Many people choose the predictive dialers from best VoIP provider in Pakistan so they can increase the productivity and can approach the right customers in timely manner.

Dialing unavailable mobile phones:

When you call out to some high volumes of the mobile numbers, you should be aware about the fact that there will be 1 in 3 mobiles will be either off or unavailable.

You can use the mobile number screening to efficiently check out the network and then establish the status of dialed calls before dialing. It would save your time and also increases the calls connect rates to several mobiles by up to 50%.

Ignoring the inbound channels:

You should never ignore your inbound call channel! When you make the outbound calls, it often generates the highest volume of inbound traffic, even from the failed contact attempt.

Targeting irrelevant customers that are not interested in your products:

Another important thing is to make sure that your outbound calls are consistently targeting to the relevant customers and you are attempting to approach right people. You can make sure that your customers are properly and correctly categorized using the profiling tools that may further assure them they will not be targeted for some product or service which is not applicable to their use or interest.

What do you think what are the mistakes you can make while running outbound call center campaign? If you have ever made any of these mistakes, you can simply approach us for more details and concerns.


Author: Ambreen Sajjad

Bio: Ambreen is VoIP and Call Center technology expert. She usually blogs at