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Microsoft CEO declares the Windows Market share fleeting


The recent review of the sales of Windows Mobile proved that its market is decreasing which we already know. Windows Mobile is not any caution for Android or IOS. The CEO-Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella shared his view that it’s the services provided to the users that will be a mainstay for Microsoft not the devices.

The unviable trend for Windows Mobile

Nadella in his recent interview endorsed the market share of Microsoft being much small. He used the word “unsuitable” for the Microsoft market. Microsoft CEO quite vividly said that:

We surely are not high share for the smartphone market”

Nadella despite saying this was firmed that market share is not the actual criteria for the company’s success considering the services and the products. Production of more devices will result into the same services offerings to the users. But in our vision it means to disserve ourselves if we focus on the market share of HoloLens, Xbox, PCs and the market share of our phones.

Nadella has been serving Microsoft for 2 years, taking over the post from Steve Ballmer. In his view people daily come across various devise so he believes in widening the horizon of best services for all these devices.

“In the view of mobility of experience. If it is taken more like as a graph, the devices are all nodes. Sometimes the user will use all of these devices … sometimes they’ll use only one or two of our devices and some other platforms — so be it. But we aim to make sure that we are achieving the goal of providing the best experience across all of these devices.”

Microsoft lie behind the smartphones and Mobile OS party and it is continuously trying to cope with the Android and iOS. The OS continued flourishing. Windows phone had a down fall and is on it ever since Microsoft bought Nokia ad Nadella took over. It has been reported that Windows Phone OS holds no more than 1.7 percent of the market share.

Expectations from the Windows 10 regarding Mobile Efforts

Microsoft has come up with the windows 10 the latest effort to cope with the smartphone and tablets. The company introduced the universal Windows apps that surely facilitate the developers to make apps and their counterparts for mobiles. Though Windows 10 has been selling like hotcakes with more then 200 million devices in just a time of half year, Windows app store had seen no noteworthy increase in t heap number. Even the Windows continuum failed to boom, probably due to lack of their forerunner devices.

The company is still not losing hope. They are up to the Project Island wood and the Project Astoria that would make it more feasible for the developers to port apps to the Windows. Furthermore two project are underway. By introducing flagships, ROMs for Android devices and these projects, it is hoped for Microsoft to get some more customer value.

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