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National Incubation Centers Approved in Islamabad


The Telecom policy 2015 has been executed officially by the government that is a gateway to Pakistan’s national incubation center for startups and young graduates the “Tech city’’.

Realizing the need of young graduated encouragement for entrepreneurship the 42nd board of director’s meeting of ICT R&D Fund Company was chaired over by the minister of state for IT& Telecom Ms.Anusha Rahman on Monday. It was concurred to stimulate the youth by facilitating them so that they can set up their own IT businesses.

The minister has demanded for a plan to the ‘National incubation project’ in the next meeting.

She said the government follows a strategy based on three foci the allocation of subsidies for lying fiber optics and broadband proliferation (especially in underprivileged or ignored areas), framework and training hence we work on all of these three categories.

The other participants of the meeting include Chairman PTA Dr.Ismail Shah, CEO ICT R&D fund Syed Muhammad Asif Rumi MD PSEB Asim Sheryar and other board members.

It is noteworthy that ICT R&D Fund is done with an advertisement for “Proposal of Interests” for establishment of ‘’Tech City” from the related officials or agencies.

The National ICT & R&D Fund has been declared by the government which is going to be used for

The compiling and distribution of applications and the content describing the government interests and the WSIS guide lines positioned via networking channels including the smart androids and telecentre.

The establishment of an intellectual asset in ICT, collaborating with the international research and developmental community regarding telecommunication specifically.

According to its new policy efficient research and development would be preferred for funding. Other developing countries will be taken into consideration equally. It will focus on advancements in ICT startups, technology acceleration program incubators and as well as HR management

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