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Netflix combat the proxy users


Netflix covers about 130 countries including Pakistan. The content available on Netflix seems to be limited in most territories. This limited access urged the users to use proxies and workarounds.

Netflix recently announced that it seeks to crack down the proxy users.

Proxies’ works in a way that it makes a person’s IP address such that it seems it has been accessed from some other country. Netflix servers can be breached in this way into considering that the user is from US though in reality it’s from somewhere else. Netflix in its wake everywhere, has aimed to enforce the restrictions respecting the geographic content limitations that it has usually in place.

Vice President of Content Delivery Architecture-David Fullagar, Says:

As its been the historic practice that the content has been licensed with in respective of the territory, the TV shows and movies offered differ by territory to varying degrees. We will keep respecting the content licensing geographically and will enforce it.

Netflix is going to use the detectors for proxy that will essentially continue to “evolve”. It is not something anew as several other firms are using the same preventive measures to breach the geographical snafus. To be mentioned here Hulu and iPlayer has won these proxy users in the same way. However unlike Hulu choice of officially licensed content is still offered.

The company though thinks for the user’s consent of entertainment and it’s working on licensing the entire catalogue worldwide. Though we know it’s going to take long as 190 countries in the mix is something huge.

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