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On November 25th, Startup Weekend is coming to Karachi


One of the biggest entrepreneur events is the startup weekend in 400 cities and 135 countries and the 54-hours! Yes Startup Weekend is events held worldwide and now it is the turn of Pakistani city Karachi to host it. The event has been a mega success for creating many startups recently in a couple of years.In Karachi, this is the fourth edition of Startup Weekend. SEED Ventures are going to help host this event and make it a success.

What is a Startup Weekend?

You may never have heard about it but Startup Weekend is a super mega event of 54 continuous hours that is held at the end of the week. The innovative and aspiring new entrepreneurs get a chance to not only enter this platform but they also get a chance to show their skills and ideas to implement them. They can also sell their services and products in the event on a large scale.

Entrepreneurs and professionals work together in this event to make it a success. Their innovative ideas take the shape of success stories and you do not have to worry about not having an idea to enter into this event. You can enter this event in Karachi even if you are good at what you do. You can simply become a partner with a team which has a unique idea to work on and you can work with them.

There is a small amount of fee applicable for entering this event. Anyone is free to join it by getting themselves registered and you become a participant. You can receive feedback on your ideas from the experienced mentors and speakers.

The mentors will also help you out with your idea and convert it into a business product by the weekend. This event is like a Global Startup Battle, the competition here is worldwide and global. The best teams enter the final of the competition.

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