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Ozair Belal stood 2nd in worldwide MSP Insider Ranking


We have this proud news for you that Ozair Belal who has been the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) from PAF Karachi Institute of Economic & Technology (KIET) got 2nd in worldwide MSP Insider Ranking, this was a recent review that has been shared by Microsoft Student Partner global team.

What is Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program?

For the information, Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program, MSP has been called as a representative of Microsoft, Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) have been trained by Microsoft on many of the technologies to enlighten all of their fellow students with these latest and newest technologies by Microsoft. It has also been seen that Microsoft provides and gives most of its product lines free of any cost to students via its DreamSpark and also by its BizSpark programs in Pakistan. These MSPs have been selected from all the universities of Pakistan each and every year under Developer Experience & Evangelism Group of Microsoft.

Ozair Belal- selected an MSP in 2012

Ozair Belal had been selected an MSP at the time of 2012 and he has been working as Microsoft Student Partner for the last of these three years. He has also arranged many of the training sessions and also bunch of seminars on Microsoft technologies. He has also worked in his university and he has also collaborated with MSPs to help and assist them executing the program effectively and also in a better way. He is also awarded free access to many of the Microsoft products like that of access to developer devices and also access to technical mentorship, Azure access. At the time of April 2015, he had been selected MSP Group President for the South Region (Baluchistan and Sindh). He has also been invited for MSP Worldwide Summit 2015 so that he can represent Pakistan at Microsoft Head Office (Seattle USA). He also won a Raspberry PI kit from the Redmond team and also stood 2nd Worldwide in MSP Insider Ranking.

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