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PSEB’s counseling services for fresh IT graduates, startups and young entrepreneurs


Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) has recently launched Counseling Center for fresh IT graduates, startups, young entrepreneurs and freelancers.

PSEB officers can provide guidance and mentorship on variety of subjects such as queries related to company setup, business planning, team composition, competitive analysis, optimal positioning of your product/service offerings, social media marketing, international marketing, business financing and IT exports reporting. For more information, please visit http://pseb.org.pk/pseb-programs/counseling-center.html or send us an email at cc@pseb.org.pk or call us at +92 800 03030 Ext. 4 (within Pakistan: dial 0800 03030).

For any direct queries or escalation of issue related to international marketing, registration and domestic facilitation, office space, bandwidth, company/professional certifications and trainings, you may contact head of the relevant department:

Managing Director, PSEB:

Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain

Email: md@pseb.org.pk

International Marketing & Investments:

Mr. Sulman Hassan, Director International Marketing

Ph: +92-42-99239170, Email: shassan@pseb.org.pk

Mr. Jahazaib Shafi, Manager Marketing

Ph: +92-51-9211124, Email: jshafi@pseb.org.pk

PSEB Registration, Domestic Facilitation, & IT outsourcing:

Syed Ali Abbas Hasani, Director Domestic Business

Ph: +92-51-9206961, Email: ahasani@pseb.org.pk

Mr. Sajid Iqbal, Manager Domestic Business

Ph: +92-51-9220812, Email: siqbal@pseb.org.pk

Company/Professional Certifications, Trainings, & Internships:

Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman Korai, Director Projects

Ph: +92-51-9211094,Email: skorai@pseb.org.pk

Office Space in Software Technology Parks (STPs):

Mr. Nasir Khan Afridi, Director Infrastructure

Ph: +92-51-9220813, Email: nafridi@pseb.org.pk

Mr. Muhammad Akbar, Manager Infrastructure

Ph: +92-51-9220811, Email: makbar@pseb.org.pk

Bandwidth and hosting:

Mr. Shaukat Ali, Director Technical/CTO

Ph: +92-51-9219075, Email: sali@pseb.org.pk

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, Manager Systems

Ph: +92-51-9211093, Email: cahmed@pseb.org.pk


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