Visual and eyesight hindrance affect more than 285 million individuals all around the globe. But not all of these people find a definite cure for their eyesight problems. It has been observed through a research that about 80 percent people get rid of their visual impairment issues if treated comprehensively. But using the ordinary gadgets to cure the eyesight is not a cost effective solution which everybody can afford. Therefore must be a way for everybody to get the better results regarding eye cure.

An ophthalmoscope is a well-known device to treat the eyesight which helps millions of people. A team of engineers has put their heads together now to make use of inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers to cure the eyesight of a common man. The amazing fact is that they are using the Raspberry Pi computers to make an  Ophthalmoscope for finding out the eye disorders with ease Designers are doing a great effort to make Ophthalmoscope as the specialist for identifying the eye sicknesses.without much effort.

The Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope (OIO) Project

The OIO is not a real Ophthalmoscope but it is as effective as real one. It is basically a retinal camera that has a cost equal to only a fraction of original Ophthalmoscope. It utilizes machine learning innovation spot eye issues and it is a multipurpose camera device to provide precise and dependable analysis of eyesight issues. Mechanical experts in India are also working on the expansion of this innovative camera.

The Raspberry Pi computer is not huge in size, it is a medium sized personal computer which cuts down the cost of buyers incredibly to treat their eyes. Solving the eyesight issues like diabetic retinopathy is still a challenge for the specialists in the world, the arrival of OIO in Pakistan is surely going to help the poor community who are unable to afford costly eye treatment. The eye drugs are expensive in Pakistan for average people, if they get a powerful solution like OIO in just around $800, it will be a miracle for them. The normal retinal camera is ten times more expensive than this.