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Samsung launch Samsung Z3 and expands Tizen ecosystem


It has now been anounced by Samsung Electronics that the Samsung Z3 that has been an advanced Tizen-based smartphone will be launched. It is a kind of smartphon that will be giving you a powerful performance and it can also let you to have easy customization, this phone also comes with localized features like that of “My Galaxy”.

Features of Samsung Z3

  • It has been built with a crisp 5-inch HD resolution display and delivers the ultimate of its kind of viewing experience,
  • It also comes with Super AMOLED technology so that you can have clearer and also deeper images.
  • It has an advanced 8 megapixel Bright Lens camera and it also features an ‘Ultra Data Saving Mode’, this feature will be allowing you to minimize mobile data usage.
  • This phone also comes with ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ so that yoy may enjoy continuous performance whenever you face low battery life.
  • It is a pioneer of Tizen platform, this Samsung Z3 have the features that will be helping all of the consumers to capitalize on the growing Tizen ecosystem, they can have the best out from their personal mobile experience by using this phone.
  • It also features a superior and best kind of 5-inch HD screen that has been made with Samsung’s advanced Super AMOLED technology.
  • It is equipped with 8 megapixel Bright Lens F2.2 rear-facing camera and a 5 megapixel front-facing camera, its camera offers ‘Automatic Selfie’ and also ‘Beauty Face Mode’ and ‘Wide Selfie’ so that you can capture up to 120 degrees.
  • It also supports a long-lasting 2,600mAh battery that has a standby for up to 33 hours.
  • It is also preloaded with ‘My Galaxy’ app that can give you exclusive services and also local deals, continuous value.
  • It also features ‘Mix Radio’ app, it is personalized free music streaming service that comes with over 35 million songs.

It has been priced at INR 8490 and it is available in India from October. Do try it

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