Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch has impressed us a lot! It is one of the easiest smartwatches to be used by us. It is quite better than the Apple Watch, it is just simple to use. Let us all check out its features:


How to get more notifications on Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch?

If you want to get more of the notifications on the Gear S2 then you just have to tap the relevant screen and then you can scroll up and down with the use of rotating bezel. It works for both of the horizontal and also vertical scrolling. If we look at the Apple watch then to get glances , you have to swipe up to keep on getting the glances menu, that is an extra step which you really does now wants to on the Gear S2.

Gear S2’s buttons make much sense

We have also seen that Gear S2’s buttons make much sense. You can see that the top button is a kind of universal back button and it takes tou to the last screen which you were on before! If you will be looking at the Apple Watch’s crown button then it will only be taking you just back to the watch screen. The bottom home button right on the Gear S2 can actually take you to back to the watch face.

Gear S2 is compatible with any Android phone

Yes Gear S2 is  compatible with any of the Android phone that has been running Android 4.4, even if it’s not been made by Samsung, you can still be using Gear S2! It has a price of $300.

Do try this Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch!