In the current fiscal year 2015-2016, 5,626 new companies register in Pakistan with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. This shows an increase of 24% in the registration of new firms as compared to the last fiscal year.

SECP took some facilitative measures for the growth of businesses and startups in Pakistan last year, and these steps have shown positive results as seen from the latest report. The current fiscal year is showing an improvement in the growth of the business as compared to the last year’s performance. The highest number of firms were registered in Islamabad, which is 228. It is followed by Lahore with 200 companies, 144 in Karachi, 19 in Faisalabad, 21 in Multan, 28 in Peshawar, and one company in Sukkur.

Among all these new registered companies, 88% were private limited, 8% were single-member companies, 4% were listed as public enterprises. 85 of the companies deal in the trading sector, 67 of them work in the services industry, and 64 companies are related to the field of I.T. Rest of the new businesses are working in the real estate sector, food and beverages, fuel and energy, textile, education sector, broadcasting, and telecasting.

Seven foreign companies were also registered in Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. Moreover, 45 companies were funded by the countries like Afghanistan, Canada, China, Turkey, UK, Jordan, Australia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the US.


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