The trend of online shopping has picked up in recent times in Pakistan. Numerous shopping websites have been launched and many other retail brands have dived into the world of online shopping. While hundreds of websites are available now, there is still a lack of a resource that can help the consumer keep track of all of these websites. Enter ‘Shop Online Pakistan’, the newest app in the market that addresses this issue.

The app makes online shopping totally hassle-free. So far, it includes almost a hundred of the best shopping websites of the country with more being added. It really is a great app to have for all the shopaholics out there.

A little bit about how the app works now. You can browse the online stores and be directed to the respective websites. It is a simple app with the plain purpose of making online shopping easier for the user. Once on the selected website, you can go ahead and check out their products.

There is the option to browse some of the selected top stores of Pakistan. These keep being updated according to trend. The other option is to browse according to category. This feature is what makes it all so convenient. You can browse by choosing the category you need to shop for. The categories include clothing, electronics, books, accessories and many more. For example, tapping on ‘Electronics’ takes you to a list of all the stores that are offering electronics and you can shop easily then. No need to browse through endless websites when you can find all the reliable stores in one app. Shop from the best quality products available in the country.

The app also provides a link to the Facebook page. Like it to keep yourself updated about the latest sales on different stores. Also, other interesting news concerning the online stores included in the app. The page works nicely along with the app to cater to the online customer.

All in all, ‘Shop Online Pakistan’ is a very useful app to have for everyone. Another advantage is it is a very light app. You can keep it on your phone without worrying about space issues. The simple interface and functionality of the app ensures it doesn’t take up space on your phone at all. Download it today and have the best online shopping experience.

The app is available on Google Play: Shop Online Pakistan

And the Facebook page:





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