Smartphones are improving every year, but low battery is still a common issue. Being there over 5 billion USB ports around the world inCharge makes low battery problems a thing of the past.

For the first time ever in Pakistan inCharge is introducing the world’s smallest keyring charging and data transfer cable for both apple and android devices. It is stylish, compact and light weight, so you always carry it with you on the go. inCharge magnetically snaps onto your keychain.

Smartphone range anxiety is a real issue, with millions of people fretting over their device’s ability to make it through the day the world over. Current solutions involve carrying extra batteries or cables to top your charge up on the go, but these are often unwieldy and not that portable. The inCharge cable however is as inconspicuous as you get. It’s a simple ribbon with a USB connector on one end, and either a Lightning or MicroUSB on the other. It doubles as a keychain when it’s not unfurled and at work. And most importantly, it is affordable.
In these inCharge cables, highest quality components are sourced from trusted suppliers and is eco friendly, reducing waste by using recyclable material for the cable as well as packaging.

When closed, inCharge is just 1.5 inches long, making it the smallest keyring cable in the world. Multiple colours for both connectors and cables as well as packaging. It is highly recommendable for corporate gifts as well.


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