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Six Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting A Job in Pakistan

Blaming the system, not doing the basic things to get a job in Pakistan, and shifting the blame can all be easy scapegoats. However, if we look closely, before pointing the finger to any external factors, we also need to look at the level of effort that we are putting to get a job.

Let us have a look at the six critical tips for getting a job in Pakistan.

Be Proactive in Your Job Search

If you think that somehow, someone will discover you and your talent and you will get a job. Think again, employers and HR managers do not have the time to go through and search for people who do not exist. Make sure that you are proactive and are using your contacts effectively to exhibit your willingness to get a job. Therefore, you need to be proactive and keep applying for the jobs. Otherwise, you would find it hard to get a job in Pakistan. Always make sure that you don’t take anything for granted.

Don’t Rely on a Single Website or Source for Job Search

Without naming any job site here, I would humbly suggest that look for different ways to look for a job. For example, a lot of people I know have listed down the names of the top companies in Pakistan in their respective industry. They proactively search through the career sections of these employers’ websites. Thus, they are able to know about the jobs as soon as they are announced. Therefore, check out multiple sources including your friends, class fellows, and any other individuals that you think can help you in your job search.

Government Jobs and Your Effort

There is a common myth surrounding almost everyone in Pakistan that only those get a job in the government sector who have a “sifarish” or “other ways”. However, we all know people who did not have either of the two but they still got the job. Therefore, keep trying for the government jobs. If you get lucky, you may be able to get all the perks that come with a government job. If you don’t try, you have zero chances of getting a government job in Pakistan. But if you keep trying, maybe you can get a government job.

Your CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile

Your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are all three critical professional documents. Unfortunately, not many people understand the purpose of these three different documents. Let us have a look at how these three documents help you progress in your career further.

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV is a document that you need to send in a Word or PDF format. You can either get professional help from a pro CV writing service or do it yourself, the choice is entirely yours’. Make sure that it is updated, follows a chronological order with the most recent job on top.


Cover Letter

What your CV cannot do, your Cover Letter can. A Cover Letter has to showcase the values, strengths, skills, and experience that you bring to the table. Therefore, it is essential that you take the time to write a Cover Letter that appropriately discusses your suitability for the job.


LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the leading professional networks with the greatest number of individuals registered on it, estimated it to be over 500 million and increasing. Therefore, don’t take your old LinkedIn profile as something that would help you. Sometimes, when you forward your CV (in most cases nowadays), the employer will also go through your LinkedIn profile. More of the employers in Pakistan are considering your LinkedIn profile as a critical factor in your hiring.

Take Job Interviews Seriously

Please don’t fumble a job interview. Imagine the hundreds of other individuals applying for a job in Pakistan. So, don’t let that once in a while job interview opportunity slip away from your hands. Prepare well for the job interview, know about the questions and answers that you could possibly be asked. Also, be confident and know as much as you can about the position. Lastly, if there is a company website in which you are going to have your job interview, go through it and know the basics of the company. Employers really appreciate those job interviewees who come in prepared. This shows a positive attitude towards getting a job and also their seriousness.

Build A Door for the Opportunity to Knock

When you keep improving your CV, know about the potential employers, and keep improving your CV, it will help increase your chances of getting a job. Never settle for a job and always keep looking for other opportunities. Particularly if you are doing a private job in Pakistan, please don’t take that easy. Private employers are only driven by two words, cost-cutting and profit motive. Therefore, always keep looking for other opportunities.

Irfan Aslam is a career consultant at CVWritingPakistan.com, a leading CV Writing Service in Pakistan. In his spare time, he loves to read self-help books and publications on the topics of crowdsourcing, neural networks, digital transformation, change management, and content strategy formulation.

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